About Us

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Think of a society where all of us…

  • Talk honestly about our psychological health– without worry of preconception
  • Understand ways to pro-actively look after our own minds
  • Enjoy higher psychological fitness
  • Have an encouraging, offered and gentle psychological health system that will always capture us and those we love when we fall

This is what success appears like for ID Pass.

  • Assistance, motivate and empower people to look after their own minds
  • Change social standards around psychological health, humanizing the discussion
  • Change social facilities, so that we always capture people when they fall

What do we do?

Projects – effective nationwide projects which concentrate on tenaciously driving social change in crucial locations of psychological health.

Smart voice – reacting to concerns relating to psychological health as they emerge in society and in specific the media.

Development – breeding originalities to drive social change– which might eventually develop into new projects.

Intervention – while we are clear on the concentrated projects we will drive there are a series of essential issues/interventions where we will continue to engage with on a continuous basis.